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Should have shown us his kids before. Stupid man. Should have left his wife locked away, and taken the kids campaigning instead. Might have voted for him then.

I felt a bit teary at the end...Did you?

Never thought I'd see the day...But I did.

When the kids were going off in the car...

Don't! You'll get me started again.

It's the little boys I feel for. They've got Daddy suddenly out of a job...and the next thing, the poor little mites have to pack up and move house. Number 10's probably the only home they've known. Except the other one. But nobody thinks about that. Do they? 

It's a rough old game, politics.

Now here we are. Stuck with Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

What a mess.

I can't tell them apart...Can you?

Don't bother. It won't last. Derek says it'll fall apart in a year. And then we get Boris in.

Ooh! Do you think? What fun.

It might happen.

Ha, ha, ha! Bring on The Boris.

He'd certainly liven things up a bit.

He's such a character.

Always talking Latin...That's what we need.

Not Niddy and Noddy.


We Want The Boris!

WE WANT BORIS. What a laugh.

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