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January/February Issue Out Now
January/February 2012



Cameron's Olympian Challenge
The Prime Minister's veto was a European game-changer for Britain, says Iain Martin

Amir Taheri: Arab Winter of Discontent

Miriam Gross: Stalin's Darling Daughter

Jonathan Sacks: Why Faith Matters

Piers Paul Read/Robert Conquest/Michael Cockerell/Paul Johnson/Hephzibah Anderson/Lionel Shriver/Patrick Heren/Julie Bindel/Anne McElvoy/Andrew Roberts/Anthony Loyd/George Walden/Douglas Murray/Katharine Birbalsingh/Nick Cohen/Alan Brownjohn/Noel Malcolm/Eric Ormsby/Daisy Waugh/Dominic Lawson/Simon Heffer/Peter Whittle


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